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29 Pearl St. NW, Suite 127
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

SAHS is a 501(c)3 organization.


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October 17
Swedish Reading Club: Severed Ties and Silenced Voices by Roger McKnight
We will be meeting at Covenant Village of the Great Lakes, 2510 Lake Michigan Drive NW (between Oakleigh and Fairfield).
7 PM
On a November night in 1872, the Swedish immigrant Lars Johnson left his Minnesota farm and walked out into the early morning chill. He was never seen alive again. The mysterious nature of his death suggested intriguing questions about Lars Johnson himself and the history of Swedish commoners at home and abroad. What led them to abandon their homeland? What were they searching for in America? To what extent did they preserve Old World customs in the United States? And what price did they pay in adapting to the New Land?
The book will not be available at Schuler’s. To get a copy, contact info@sahswm.org by September 10, or buy it from Nordic Studies Press.

December 2
Twenty-first Annual Lucia Celebration at St. Mark's Episcopal Church. Details TBA.



Women's Group: Flitiga Lisor

Flitiga Lisor är en grupp kvinnliga, svensktalande medlemmar som träffas ungefär en gång i månaden. Gruppen startades under hösten 2003, då vi träffades regelbundet för att tillverka julsaker att sälja på Lucia. Det lyckades bra och förtjänsten gick till SAHS. När vi inte känner för att vara så flitiga, träffas vi bara för att prata och fika.

Flitiga Lisor is a group of Swedish speaking women that meets once a month or so. It began during the fall of 2003 when we got together to make Christmas crafts to sell at the Lucia celebration. The project was a success and the money earned went to SAHS. When we feel less inclined to work we get together to have coffee and speak Swedish.

For more information, contact Kerstin Trowbridge at kerstin@trowbridge.org.