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The Swedish American Heritage Society of West Michigan, an affiliate of the Swedish Council of America, was founded to preserve, foster and perpetuate traditional customs and culture of our Swedish heritage, as well as that of other Scandinavians.

If you are of Swedish heritage, or the spouse of same… or if you simply have a sincere interest in Swedish or Scandinavian heritage, you are invited to join us!

semlaMarch 5, 2019: Semmelfest & Ancestors!

Join us for a fun evening on fettisdagen or Fat Tuesday enjoying fika with semlor, the Swedish Lenten buns filled with almond paste and whipped cream.  While you enjoy your semlor, you will learn a little about your ancestors’ lives in Sweden.

To learn more, and to register, visit the Upcoming Events page.

FactfulnessApril 19, 2019: Swedish Reading Club

At its next meeting, the Swedish Reading Club will discuss Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World—and Why Things Are Better Than You Think (Factfulness: tio knep som hjälper dig förstå världen) by Hans Rosling with Ola Rosling & Anna Rosling Rönnlund.

Inspiring and revelatory, filled with lively anecdotes and moving stories, Factfulness is an urgent and essential book that will change the way you see the world and empower you to respond to the crises and opportunities of the future. “One of the most important books I’ve ever read—an indispensable guide to thinking clearly about the world.” (Bill Gates)

For more information, visit the Upcoming Events page.